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Ozone Therapy

Here are some examples of how ozone therapy helps in Dentistry.

Ozone therapy has many benefits in the dental field.

Bacterial Infection

Any bacterial infection can be treated effectively with ozone therapy.  Rinsing and gargling with ozonated water can handle sore throats, abscesses and periodontal problems.  In our dental office ozonated water and gas is used to irrigate perio pockets, root canals, abscesses and in the routine preparation of teeth thus minimizing the chance for sensitivity after fillings.

Root Canals

When a root canal is performed ozone therapy is highly beneficial in eliminating the toxins that are in the tooth.  Teeth are made up of millions of tubules.  When the tooth becomes infected requiring a root canal the potent toxins can remain in those tubules potentially causing helth problems.  We use ozone in the canals after cleaning out the infection  further disinfecting the tooth.

Dental Surgery

Irrigation of the surgical site with ozone water will help speed the healing as well as remineralize the bone.


Research has shown that a number of TMJ problems are associated with bacteria, fungi and viruses.  These cause an inflammatory reaction resulting in the TMJ pain.  Ozone injections can be very therapeutic for this condition an the gas not only kills the organisms but also reduces the inflammation and stimulates new cartilage growth.


Cavitations (holes in the bones) occur at the site of previous extractions. cavitations may have systemic effects.  Ozone therapy greatly increases the odds of healing the bone.  the O3 kills the bugs, enhances the immune system and promotes remineralization of bone. Ozone gas injected directly into the cavitation site has remarkable effects.

Sinus Infections

People with chronic sinus infections can benefit from breathing O3 filtered through olive oil.

Mouth Lesions

Ozonated olive oil has many uses as a salve for the gums, oral ulcers or lesions